Email marketing is simply too good to ignore

  • Email marketing is more affordable than direct mail, radio or TV and you can have your first campaign up and running within an hour from now.
  • As mentioned above, the average returns generated by a successful email marketing campaign trump any other form of direct response marketing.
  • Emails arrive in your prosepcts inbox almost immediately. There's no delay and you start seeing real results within hours, sometimes even minutes.
  • Email is a two-way communication. People who receive your email can simply hit the "reply" button and send you feedback and ask questions right away.
  • Your competitors may already be using email marketing to make sales and build customer loyalty.
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Top features

Professionally Designed Email Templates includes professionally designed email templates that have been tested to work with all email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. You can use these templates to design a custom email template for your client or you can even upload their existing email template.

Complete Campaign and Link Tracking Reports

For each email campaign your clients send, you can see exactly how many people opened their email, how many people unsubscribed, which links they clicked, email forwarding statistics and more.'s campaign reporting features are simply unmatched.

Painless Integration Into Any Website

Use's built-in form creation wizard to creating subscription forms that you can place on your web sites to collect visitors' details. If they have an existing email subscriber list they can import that too, all from

Send Hundreds of Thousands of Emails was designed from the very beginning to be able to support the sending of hundreds of thousands of emails without crashing or without any problems - such as duplicate sending. We spent months building and testing just this one part of to make sure it was rock-solid. No competitors can match's stability.

Create and Send Unlimited Autoresponders

You can easily create and send unlimited autoresponder emails on autopilot with Take it a step further and only send autoresponders to subscribers who match certain criteria, such as a particular age, location or interest

Integrated, Automatic Bounce Handling makes it easy to remove bad email addresses from your subscriber lists with its built-in bounce handling engine. Simply setup an email account to accept bounced emails when you send a campaign and takes care of the rest.


Email marketing campaigns

Unlimited Personalisation Options

Create custom fields to capture additional details about people subscribing to your mailing lists, which you can then use to personalise the subject line and content of any emails you send out through

Segment and Filter Contacts

Send targeted emails to your contacts based on their interests and previous history using custom filters, list segments and personalisation options.

Simple, Integrated Campaign Editor

It's easy for you to use's built-in campaign editor to create visually stunning newsletters, promotional emails and flyers. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use and one of the integrated templates to create an email campaign in around 20 minutes.

Email Campaign Scheduling

After you create an email campaign, it can be sent now or can be scheduled to send at any time in the future using's built-in scheduling wizard. You can even be notified automatically via email when sending starts and finishes.

Bulk Campaign Tasks

Save time and perform bulk campaign tasks such as delete, archive and activate with just a few clicks using's bulk tasks option.

Three Ways to Create a Campaign

Not every one will want to use's campaign editor so that's why we've included 3 different ways to import content for an email campaign: use the editor, upload a file or import a file from a web site.

Create HTML, Text or Multipart Emails gives you the option to create HTML-only, text-only or multipart (HTML and text) emails. When you choose multipart will automatically deliver the most appropriate format to each subscribers inbox, depending on whether their email client can display HTML emails or not.

Link Tracking, Open Tracking and Embedded Images

For each email campaign you can enable/disable link click tracking and email open tracking. You can also embed images as attachments along with each email so recipients aren't prompted to display images by their email client.



Multi-Message Email Autoresponders

Create a series of emails, tell when each email should be sent out (ie 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 1 month, etc after someone subscribers to your clients mailing list) and you've created an instant and automated multi-message email autoresponder.

List Segmented Autoresponders

Segment your subscriber list and create follow up autoresponders based on specific custom field values, such as only send to subscribers in a specific city or those who clicked on a specific link in an email campaign.

Complete Autoresponder Statistics includes detailed statistical reporting for autoresponders, including sending and unsubscribe stats, open rates, bounce and forwarding stats shown as easy-to-read charts.

Personalise Your Autoresponder Messages

Include custom field values (such as subscribers first name) in both the subject line and content of your autoresponder email messages. Personalisation helps to improve open rates and make sure your message arrives in the subscribers inbox and not their junk mail folder.

Create HTML, Text or Multipart Autoresponders gives you the option to create HTML-only, text-only or multipart (HTML and text) autoresponders. When you choose multipart will automatically deliver the most appropriate format to each subscribers inbox, depending on whether their email client can display HTML emails or not.


Admin features

General Features

  • CAN-SPAM compliant email marketing service
  • Forgot password option
  • Copy things (eg lists, newsletters, templates, autoresponders, forms)
  • Built in templates (easy to add more)
  • Remember login details
  • Built in tutorials
  • Context-sensitive help / tutorials
  • Great user-interface
  • Change the theme (default, Office XP, etc) of the WYSIWYG email editor


  • Bulk changes to list subscribers (change all to html/text, make them active/inactive)
  • Copy lists
  • Merge multiple lists into one list
  • Save reply-to, bounce-address, bounce account information with a list
  • Allow imap bounce account
  • Allow extra mail settings to be saved per list (eg /notls or /nossl)
  • Bounce processing differentiates between types (hard, soft). detects a hard bounce and sets the status of the subscriber to bounced and never emails them again. detects a soft bounce but does not change the status of the subscribe until a soft bounce has occurred 5 times on that same subscriber. Once an email has soft bounced 5 times, it is treated as a hard bounce.
  • Add company details to a mailing list and they will work as custom fields when sending an email

Custom Fields

  • Easy to create custom fields
  • Associated with multiple lists
  • New "radio button" type
  • Better data checking when importing/subscribing
  • Subscriber IP is now a usable custom field replacement when sending emails

Manage Subscribers

  • Search all of your lists at once
  • Option to bypass filtering step
  • Bulk changes (delete multiple at once, change them to html/text)
  • Save different stages of subscribe. Eg subscribe request (time + ip address), subscribe confirm (time + ip address)
  • Save different stages of unsubscribe. Eg unsubscribe request (time + ip address), unsubscribe confirm (time + ip address)
  • Only show custom fields associated with the list a subscriber is on
  • New "bounce" and "unsubscribe" status

Import Subscribers

  • Import subscribe date
  • Handle quotes around field names properly
  • Much better reporting about import results (see duplicates, problems with data etc)
  • Option to add subscribers to any autoresponders the list has

Export Subscribers

  • Option to export subscriber's IP address if tracking is enabled from the settings page
  • Option to include bounce details when exporting 'bounced' subscribers
  • Option to search/export/send to multiple filters at once (eg 3 checkbox items at once)

Banned Subscribers

  • Global ban list (bans across all lists)
  • Upload a file of email addresses to ban


  • Bulk actions (make multiple newsletters active/inactive at once)
  • Better attachment handling
  • Save/Save and Exit buttons (can save as you are going)
  • No need to refresh to upload a file or import from a url
  • Check and warn about missing unsubscribe links
  • Archives are an rss feed so easily changed and easily ported to an external website
  • Choose whether to archive per newsletter
  • Completely disable embedded images or disable them by default
  • Enable or disable attachments plus an option to set a maximum attachment size
  • An option to show a warning if an email is larger than "X" kb when saving and also before sending
  • Checking of image locations when you save a template/newsletter/autoresponder and before a newsletter is sent
  • Can extract the text version of an email from the WYSIWYG editor straight into the "Text Version" textbox
  • Send multiple preview emails at once
  • Proprietary integrated spam checking and rating for email campaigns
  • Preview your email campaigns exactly as they will look in all popular email clients

Sending Newsletters

  • Can send to multiple lists at once (removes duplicates before it starts)
  • A send can be paused
  • Can embed images into an email
  • Change character set / encoding for each send


  • Lots of templates
  • Bulk actions (make multiple templates active/inactive global/not global at once)
  • Save/Save and Exit buttons (can save as you are going)
  • No need to refresh to upload a file or import from a url


  • Bulk actions (make multiple autoresponders active/inactive at once)
  • Save/Save and Exit buttons (can save as you are going)
  • No need to refresh to upload a file or import from a url
  • Option to add existing subscribers to the autoresponder
  • Can embed images into an email
  • Change character set / encoding for each autoresponder
  • Better attachment handling
  • Check and warn about missing unsubscribe links
  • Only show custom fields associated with the autoresponders mailing list.


  • Send-to-friend form (with appropriate stats)
  • Better management for ordering custom fields / form options (move things around in an easier fashion)
  • "subscribe form" can now be a "contact form".
  • Can send text and html parts of confirm/thanks emails
  • Modify details and send-to-friend can be customised within
  • Option to show/hide subscriber format choice
  • Easier customising (external form html support)
  • "Printable" form type idea for retail stores to accept subscribers at Point of Sale areas for later entry into a mailing list


  • Show more information (how many sent, how long it took, unique opens)
  • Show open stats, link stats, bounce stats, forwarding stats, unsubscribe stats per newsletter or autoresponder
  • Show trends in subscribes/unsubscribes per mailing list
  • Show trends per user for their send history
  • Show per domain information per mailing list (eg 50% are yahoo subscribers)
  • Option to search/export/send to people who have NOT clicked a link or opened a particular email


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